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More than milk... 

At Gippsland Jersey, we pride ourselves on ensuring farmers are paid a fair price for milk, smashing the stigma of mental health, being kind to ourselves and others as well as delivering a great local Australian-made product. If you think you have what it takes to support us in making the world a better place then we want to work with you.

We are always looking to partner with new farmers to supply Jersey milk. It is part of our mission after all to support farmers. If you would like to become of our Gippsland Jersey Family, simply get in touch below.

Meet our Farmers

Brenton & Richelle Ziero

Barista_Day_2553_e1_1080px_by_AnneMorleyKenny (as we affectionately call him) & Richelle have been on the Gippsland Jersey journey from day one and has rolled with the punches, obliging to lots of crazy and fun antics. You'll often find their daughter Gianna in the Gippsland Jersey milkshake van making delicious milkshakes at markets and events! We’ll never forget the look on his face when we drove to Melbourne to see him up in lights on Billboards…! He is one of the hardest working dairy farmers we know - and that’s saying something! He tirelessly tends to the health and wellbeing of his cows, and has a thirst for producing exceptional jersey milk in Jindivick. We are grateful that everyday he takes such genuine pride in tending to his very friendly herd of jersey cows, which are his pride and joy. We absolutely LOVE that Kenny has a thirst for producing exceptional jersey milk and is our OG Gippsland Jersey farmer, thanks for coming on the ride with us Kenny! Fun Facts;

  • Kenny loves Lee Kernaghan
  • He doesn’t own a jumper
  • He is lactose intolerant - but can drink Jersey milk!


Luke & Mel Wallace

Barista_Day_2543_e2_1080px_by_AnneMorleyLuke and family were our second supplier to join the Gippsland Jersey team and are gold medal milkers! They were recognised in the Dairy Australia Milk Quality Awards as being one of the top 100 suppliers in Australia for their milk quality. Many of you will recognise them from the Gippsland Jersey socials, where we regularly go behind the scenes on this very special farm in Poowong North. Luke is very generous with his time and in sharing his extensive knowledge, derived from farming for over 20 years. He is an exceptionally hardworking farmer who has a strong family heritage in dairy farming and ensuring his farm is run efficiently, sustainably and in a responsible way. Jersey cows are ingrained in Luke's blood with stud cows that started multiple generations before him. Alongside producing exceptional milk for Gippsland Jersey, Luke is a qualified judge for Jersey Australia - judging cows from all across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. When Luke gets off the farm he enjoys running and you'll often find him at a local Park Run with his family.

Matt & Caroline Wilson

Barista_Day_2558_e1_1080px_by_AnneMorleyGrowing up in Gippsland, the green heart of dairy country, Matt started milking his neighbour’s cows at the age of eight! He went on to become a professional chef and now combines his love for food, jersey cows and family. Matt wanted to be a Gippsland Jersey milk supplier since we started and we wanted to be able to pay him a good price for his milk!

It was through the power of all of you buying our milk that we were able to bring him on as supplier #3! It was such a good feeling delivering him his ‘Gippsland Jersey’ supplier sign to his gate. Matt is candid about his own personal mental health journey, “depression is a dirty word to some, but I don’t believe it is, it’s a mental illness. I believe some people have it and don’t even know it. The more people can talk about it, the better’. Matt is an advocate for being healthy, both physically and mentally and letting people know it’s ok to seek help. We LOVE that Matt has learned over the years how to look after himself. Matty is passionate about everything he does - he’s loyal, hard working and always up for a crazy adventure. We are absolutely delighted to have Matt, Caroline and their two sons are Gippsland Jersey suppliers. Matt adores his jersey cows and takes a lot of pride in ensuring he producers top quality milk on his farm in Drouin West. Fun facts about Matt:

  • He LOVES food!
  • Matt’s passion for cooking is still there - he enjoys a trip to the farmers market to buy delicious ingredients most Saturday’s. His kitchen has every appliance made to man ... and you should see his coffee machine, it’s got all the bells and whistles!
  • He loves a game of golf!
  • Matt really enjoys fishing but he’s also seriously into breeding very unique and expensive fish in his lounge room.

Kevin & Siahn LeBrocq

IMG_0384Absolutely stoked to announce that following on from our launch into Coles, we’ve been able to secure our 4th Gippsland Jersey supplier farmer! This is exactly why we started our brand, to help local Australian dairy farmers and to give them a fair price for their milk. Kev, Siahn, and their three children live on the family's property with Siahn’s grandparents. Siahn’s Grandfather grew up on the property and with his brother cleared a fair percentage of the land so it could be a viable dairy farm. The farm has been in the family for roughly 82 years and Kev and Siahn would like to see it remain in the family for another 82! The farm is situated at Bravington and is now the only remaining dairy farm on the main road between Warragul and Neerim South.
“We have only recently changed the herd to jerseys. We reared 20-odd jersey heifers alongside our other herd, and decided to make the change for a few reasons," Siahn revealed. "Better quality milk, less impact on the paddocks and therefore less environmental damage, more efficient cows for our farm, better temperament and those BIG BROWN EYES! How could you not fall in love with them?!” said Siahn. Kev added, “Dairy farming’s in our blood, we’ve been doing this for so many years as have my mum and dad’s parents before us. To have an opportunity like this with a homegrown Australian brand is such an honour for us. For a small brand, Gippsland Jersey is doing such big things for the Aussie dairy industry and for our region in general… and to think that something like this could help our livelihood continue for our kids and the next generations makes us feel so proud and so grateful.”
Welcome to the herd Kev and Siahn, so proud and grateful to have you with us!


Interested in becoming a Gippsland Jersey supplier?

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